Whether you're caring for an expensive item, a special gift with sentimental value, or just your favourite piece, we all want to keep our jewellery looking as polished as the day it was purchased. Caring for your new Auriri jewellery is important.

Stainless Steel:

Keep stainless steel separately from other jewellery as its hardness can cause damage to other precious metals. Despite its strength, stainless steel is not indestructible so avoid wearing it for manual work or sports. To maintain its wonderful shine, it can be polished with a soft cloth and mild detergent or toothpaste can be used for stubborn dirt. Avoid contact with water and when polishing, clean along the grain of the metal.

Freshwater Pearls:

are delicate pearls are one of a kind. With a low resistance to heat, it's best to avoid contact with any chemicals and cleaning sprays or products - simply clean with a dry or damp cloth.

Auriri Has A Lifetime Guarantee With All purchases